Friday, August 5, 2011

Dawn Davenport and "Down to the bone"

 Here´s a lazy sketch I made today of Dawn Davenport. I recently watched "Female Trouble" for like the thousand time sooo yeah. I am in love with John Waters and I love every single one of his films. 
Anyway, I'm backing up my files and I brought my bags to the studio because I´m going home tonight. I brought cookies for everyone today and I think they really enjoyed them. All the artists here are extremely talented and most of them are really young. I am so happy there are people doing this in Mexico, it's really inspiring. And of course, René is super nice. I really need to go back and tell everyone that I interned with René Castillo. He's awesome.
    I usually never post things that I didn't make, but I really want to post my favorite film by René. It's called "Hasta los huesos" Or "Down to the bone". The animation is seriously brilliant and the puppets are awesome. I got the chance to see them all personally and honestly, the quality of all the puppets is amazing! Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

ps: My favorite part is when she sings. I looove the song.

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  1. Wow do you know a lot of other Mexican animators? Sadly I don't know any even though i'm Mexican :(

    And yay John Waters fan! I need to see more of his films, I think i've only seen like 4 of his films

    ps. that film kinda reminds me of Adam Elliot