Sunday, October 16, 2011


 This last one is a concept for my film. I think I'm gonna go with the myth. I'll post the story sometime soon, but it is basically about how corn was brought to Mexico by our Aztec god "Quetzalc√≥atl". So there will be a lot of color and patterns n my film this year. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Layout class

First attempt to make a nice layout for Dan's class. The assignment was very random. We had to have a (driving) wheel, a washing machine and a chair. This is what I came up with. I seriously need to stop coloring all my assignments because I always put more effort on color and details and patterns than in the actual design and composition of my drawings. Maybe next time I'll just do line work. 


So, I wasn't able to sign up for more than 20 units this semester because I'm still working on a project from last semester. UGH. Anyway, I absolutely love all of my classes this semester, so, I guess I'm happy. 
Also, since I'm double majoring in lighting design and I wasn't able to take a couple required classes, they gave me 80 hours of production hours instead, which are mostly on weekends and late at night on week days. I get to hang shows and stuff. It's fun and dangerous, you can basically die whenever because you can fall from wherever you are or if someone drops something and you happen to be on a lower floor you're screwed. Still, I love the fact that every hang call is like a super extreme work-out session! And this is something I would NEVER get to experience in the animation department! hehe plus I get my own tools which (looks) super cool! .....ha.